Let’s analyze the examination results which came out for me last week. In a particular subject (no, I won’t tell ya) this was the situation.

Position of the students in the classroom, the coloured crosses denote the student in the respective mark group.

Let the image above be my classroom. I thought of plotting a graph because cheekily they say a picture says thousand words. This is what I got. ( of course xkcd style for you engineering nerds! )

Scatter plot plotted against the number of students versus their respective marks.

As you can clearly see the plot is rather linear. A boring straight line. (when the dot’s are joined ) That’s what is wrong with the engineering in India.

It’s doesn’t allow outliers to survive. It’s doesn’t nurture them. It reduces them to linearity.

You have to live with all this bullshit ranging from the awkward smiles of the teachers’ pets to rot and recite….

…and did I tell you about the faculty and the rules and blah and bleh?

I can’t because later, that night after a tiring day the engineering system makes me a usual sheep in the herd which it can tame with it’s absurd ideas and whips of partiality.

The scatter plot should have been this.

Out of the box. Marks awarded not by the position in the class.

Outside the axis. Outliers. Unique. Thinking out of the box. Scattered. Engineering shouldn’t be herding sheep. It should be supporting us become wolfs. ❑

Always exceptions exists. I have met wonderful teachers who actively engage to bring out your best, exceptional grading methodologies to test your understanding and fantastic atmosphere to cultivate our brimming minds.

But as far I remember these memories are few in number.