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Ankit's Definitive Future Timeline

Important ones are in bold.

2019 - 2024:

Right now human population versus space and food are adequate. Pollution is also alright. We have just started entering a sci-fi age.

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning.
  • Brain Computer Interfaces.
  • Computational Neuroscience.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • New meta learning techniques.
  • AR, VR and MR.
  • Immunotherapy
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Sensing, computer vision and optimal control. ( robotics basically )
  • Physics especially is stalled right but I hope quantum computation and theory can break frontiers in computing power.

2024 - 2035:

Population surge. Expensive housing. Global climate changes can be slightly felt.

Political turmoils as every developed/developing country is in race to acquire the most advanced tech especially medical and AI — as this will power their defense and thus enable to conquer, defend or form political allies/coalitions.

  • Advanced gene therapies for obesity, cancer, hereditary and chronic degenerative diseases
  • Innovative ways of Carbon sequestration at large/scale.
  • Nanotechnology — for medical advancement and military.
  • Finding out cost efficient housing at scale.
  • Lunar mining and base building — material science and metallurgy.
  • Optics — for holograms and new ways to interact.
  • Efficient and useful AI interactions with humans.
  • Replacements for animals as food. Agrotech.
  • Autonomous Machines - drones, cars etc.
  • 3D printing of organs, precise instruments.
  • growing a platform for protection of intellectual property of small-scale creators.
  • Cybernetics.
  • DNA Storage — Storing data on DNA. Studies show 1gram of DNA holds around 215 petabytes — this is right now very expensive and not efficient.
  • Molecular biology for DNA computing — personally I find Molecular biology very fascinating starting from the complexity of central dogma to protein analysis and construction.
  • Storage is very important as we will have near endless digital data. Efficient servers with low carbon footprints are important to research.

2035 - 2050:

If “Good night, sweetie” is for today, “Good night XB42!” is for this age. Extremely difficult job market. High skilled jobs. Earth is more united. Rapid transport. Digital age. Pricey. Exceptional healthcare and near zero illiteracy. Rise in religious or cultic behaviors. Body Augmentations. Clashes between equal rights groups.

I’ll be old as a fine whiskey.

Sadly though we will run out of resources very soon.

According to me this is the best time to be alive.

  • Cybersecurity: Breakthrough form for democracy in a digital age.
  • Replacement for the University
  • Wide spread use of Robots — which can perform better than human labor — replaces paid labor for most humans.
  • Human - AI Laws, Law degree specializing in AI-Human conflict resolution, changes in the judiciary.
  • Combat Human Trafficking.
  • Rapid Transport.
  • Congestion control.
  • High efficiency, renewable energy sources.
  • Power storage — battery improvements. Cheap, high storage and efficient.
  • Lunar and Martian Bases.
  • A Terraforming degree won’t hurt.


Mostly fictional but you never know.

  • successful interactions with intelligent species — alien contact.
  • planetary bases and resource harvesting.
  • organ cloning and harvesting
  • high speed spaceships.
  • cryotech — hibernation tech.

Pretty cool, eh?

I would love to discuss thoughts on these so feel free to comment anything below.

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