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Every year I bookmark many websites, tutorials and articles on mostly programming, math, technology and computer science. I go through them all in the end of the year and curate the best, unique and interesting stuff to make a list for myself (and discard the others). I hope some will benefit you, ignite your interests further in computer science or find something interesting to read and learn. Enough talk, let’s get to the meat!


Just 65 pushes in 2019.

My GitHub contributions have been abysmal as I’m spending more time coding locally, reading theory, solving problems using pen and paper.

Do I regret it? No, absolutely not. I love pen and paper and I think strong, rigorous learning is possible only when you pen your undertandings down.

Write a lot, read a lot and don’t look at screens a lot. It’s healthy and wise. I plan to upload a lot of notes, articles and solutions this year, stay tuned!

Mobile Apps

My daily drivers (left to right, zig-zag order): Apple Music, Things 3, Anki, Sleep Cycle, Blocky Time, Forest, Apple Notes, Waterminder, Streaks and YouTube.

I believe investing money on quality apps will increase (it works!) your productivity. After the closing of my favorite todo app, Swipes, I frantically searched for another till I finalized on Things 3.

Things 3, $10-50 (Apple only) is quite possibly the best todo app I have used. Period. It’s simple and works very well for me.

Anki, Free is a fantastic flashcard based spaced repetition app. I wanted to write more but I think Michael A. Nielsen fantastic article about it does justice to Anki’s prowess more than my writing would.

Waterminder, $10, Streaks, $10, Sleep Cycle, Free or $10, Blocky Time, $2 are all apps for reminding to drink water, forming habits, tracking your sleep and day respectively. I like to quantify myself. It’s not necessary or required but for me it’s worth as I look at my past and correct my mistakes, bad habits so that my future is better. For more check these subreddits: r/BedBros, r/Hydrohommies, r/QuantifiedSelf, r/productivity.

Lastly, Apple Music, Notes for music and note taking are personal choices but you can go with anything and be okay and YouTube is well, uhhm, hmmm, YouTube. Where else can you get videos of golden retriever puppies?


Watched 34 movies (interstellar was a rewatch) and 1 amazing mini series that still resonates in me probably will continue to do so for another 704 million years.

All the movies I watched are here at Letterboxd. You could read my reviews at Letterboxd or just watch the ones I must write about.

Searching – is about [classified]. Atomic Blonde – realistic fight sequences tuned to the beats of energetic 1980s tracks. Avengers, Infinity War: Endgame, before watching this I suggest you to watch the other Marvel movies, chronologically. Sicario: drugs and Mexico and CIA and FBI and Politcs and Cinematography and Dennis Villenue, what more could you ask for? Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse: not bad, kid. Teen Titan’s Go to the Movies: wow, how are babies made? The Wandering Earth [Chinese]: the vfx and sci-fi setting makes the weak acting and plot fade away. Spiderman Far From Home: was it good because I watched it after Avenger’s Infinity War: Endgame?

These were probably my must watchers with Chernobyl [HBO] mini series being the best fictionalized documentary I have seen.


From left to right: Dr Stone, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure S1, Attack on Titans S3 Part1+Part2, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma S1-S4, One Punch Man S2, Fairy Gone S1.

Attack on Titans S3 Part1+Part2, Dr Stone and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure S1 were the best of these.


It saddens me that I had time to read only 3 books this year. I have made a promise to read more in 2020.

Deep Fathom, Sphere and Logicomix

I’m going to write just one review here for Logicomix as I felt it was worth reading. Please look here on GoodReads for reviews of the other two books.

Logicomix by Apostolos K. Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadimitriou:
This book isn’t about mathematics, it isn’t about Bertrand Russell, it isn’t about truth, about logic, about philosophy, about the madness that slowly seeps into a logician, not about failures of marriage it isn’t about religion, it isn’t about metaphysics, no — it’s not about War, not about Nazism, not about capitalism, not about love, life or sorrow, it’s not about ideas, it’s not about nature nor it’s about the real world, it’s not about anything logical at all.

It’s a head fake — a subtle, hidden but beautiful message conveyed mesmerizingly through the 300 pages of striking, gorgeous comic art.

It’s about loving mathematics. Why do we humans love something so fake, so strange, so weird?

Mathematics is a narcissist Queen that makes many who fall in love with her mad and question everything real. Every mathematician in the story of Logicomix is emotional for mathematics. The spirit, the passion to please mathematics is the glory of a genius but a laugh of the fool.

If you don’t get this in the first time reading, read it again and again and again till you realize that you’re missing something very crucial.


Feelings for mathematics.


Raising a glass or two for 2020!