Just Kidding

They said I’m just a kid with a noisy mind speaking out loud without thinking.

“Hopeless and irritating”, they cursed.

Some raised voices, some raised hands to beat some maturity into me.

Few sympathized.

“Poor kid”, they pitied.

You see — I’m an adult.

I love being a kid. I loved playing video games in arcades, loved joking about silly stuff, loved sketching, loved licking cream from my hands.

I guess. I guess I loved a little too much.

I still do.

“What’s up dude? Why are you always being a jerk” — sometimes I daydream and frequently I imagine myself being angry at Time.


If you’re a kid promise me that you’ll make a pinky promise with Time. Don’t let it run away from you. Hold hands. Love each other. Hug. Kiss.

Sadly, there’s a problem.

Time isn’t a good friend. It’s bad company. It’s naughty, it’s crazy. It doesn’t get any presents from Santa.

Time doesn’t want you.

Someday Time told me — I know I have let you down and I’m not going to apologize. I don’t owe you anything.

I cried, cried hard.

When my palms become warm by my tears dropping hard — I realized. I know it’s going to be alright.

I need to believe in me. I need to let go of time. Break the promise. You know what I learnt after so many fights with Time?

You are Time.

Just kidding, go fuck yourself. I have got work to do.

Don’t you?