• [Feb ‘19 — $\infty$] Working on FB22 Labs.

  • [July ‘18 — Sept ‘18] Working on markerless Augmented Reality Research and Development at IIT-BBS, under Dr. Debi P. Dogra.

  • [March ‘18 — Sept ‘18] Working on pose estimation using variational autoencoder’s and GAN’s, research with Prof. AKD.

  • [November, ‘17— March, ‘18] Working on Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Augmented Reality Research with Prof. AKD.

  • [October 2017] Working on a paper on affordable AR Education. Soon to be published Published on arxiv.

  • [August 2017] #UnitedByHCL Hackathon
    Got selected for onsite finals at Trafford, Manchester, UK! (September 15th). Gearing up for the final application of PlutoAR, bug fixes, some new features, story mode, etc! AR + Education rock!

  • [May-July 2017] Computer Vision and Augmented Reality Project Working on PlutoAR, an Augmented Reality project not disclosable yet for teaching young kids.
    Trust me, it’s cool.

  • [December 2016] ACM-ICPC Regionals @IIT-Kharagpur.
    Great experience, learned the culture of coding and met talented people. Also IIT-KGP has a wonderful campus!. December is very very cold at Kharagpur.

  • [June 2015] Summer school at NIT Kozhikode on Graph Theory.
    I learned some rigorous mathematics from Rienhard Diestel’s book on Graph Theory, under the supervision by Dr. Krishnan Parmasivam. He is a fantastic teacher so fluid in teaching concepts. Also my $\LaTeX$ skills went up!

  • [August 2014] Joined IIIT-Bhubaneswar as an Computer Science Undergraduate.
    I hope these four years will be a blast!